Video: You can still buy a brand-new DeLorean from the factory

DeLorean might be several decades old and the original DMC-12 has been officially out of production since 1983…at least, at the original assembly plant in Dunmurry, Northern Ireland.

But DeLorean is being preserved, though not in the typically way of examples ending up in museums or being someone’s garage queen. Instead, DeLorean itself is actually being kept alive by a separate, small start-up that began in 1995 by British entrepreneur, Stephen Wynne, who started the “DeLorean Motor Company.”

Based out of Humble, Texas, the DeLrean Motor Company still completely assembles new DeLorean DMC-12s, using new-old stock parts, OEM parts, and reproduction parts built on a “made to order basis” using existing VIN numbers.

It really is one of the few operations of its kind and you can check it out after the jump, compliments of XCAR.

Source: CNET

Chris Chin

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