Report: Jeremy Clarkson to return to the BBC, but not as Top Gear host [UPDATED]

UPDATE: The Mirror reports that Clarkson actually backed out of his next appearance on “Have I Got News For You,” but said that he may return to it later this year. 

Head on over to The Mirror for the full rundown.

Just as we were ready to let the dust settle with Jeremy Clarkson’s “fracas” at the BBC, the BBC News reports Jeremy Clarkson is expected to make a return to the BBC, but not as a Top Gear host.

Instead, Clarkson should return to the Beeb as a guest host to the show: “Have I Got News For You,” beginning on April 24.

This may seem interesting, given that Clarkson was technically fired from his position at the BBC. However, according to a spokesperson, Clarkson’s contract for Top Gear is the sole item that hasn’t been renewed. However, Clarkson isn’t banned from appearing on the BBC, period.

The show “Have I Got News For You” is centered around the premise of inviting a panel of guests to make humorous observations regarding current events or politics. Anyone who know’s Clarkson knows that this is right up his alley as he did this on the regular as a host of Top Gear.

Source: BBC News

Second Source: The Mirror

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