Spotlight: Cars can make or break relationships, but do they pump the brakes more than they help?

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Anyone who tells you that it’s impossible to have a relationship with a car is just lying to your face. Even if you aren’t into cars, but still drive and depend on one to aid your daily duties, you still have a relationship with one–especially if you just love it for being so faithful.

And while pretty much every automotive enthusiast in the world would tell you, cars are better than women, these two polar opposite peak interests of the archetypal male share an unlikely relationship themselves.

Cars, interestingly enough, can actually be likened to a significant other, which is ironic since most men (and some women, you know, political correctness) resort to cars for refuge away from said others. Driving, for many, like yours truly, is therapeutic and the car itself can literally be a maker or breaker of these bonds. But do they pump the brakes on relationships more than they do make them?

Like women, cars can hurt your wallet, your ego, and your feelings, leaving you alone, defeated and down. But through all the struggles of extensive parts bills, headaches and burdens, these struggles are completely overshadowed by the moments behind the wheel when you’re left with a grin pasted on your face from ear-to-ear. In the same cast of light, those moments with your other also do the same.

But for those times in need when the car was in need of care, it’s ultimatley no different than having that one-to-one, heart-to-heart moment with your significant other. And everyone needs one of those from time to time, because it’ll only make your bonds stronger.

But to further answer the question as to whether they make or break relationships is Road&Track’s Zach Bowman and his latest: “This stupid car saved my marriage.”

Head on over to R&T for the feature.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Road&Track

Chris Chin

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