Report: Kia edges closer to making a production version of GT4 Stinger

Kia’s been known to be expressing interest in producing either its GT Concept or GT4 Stinger Concept from years past to continue building up the brand into more competitive territory.

Now, Drive in Australia¬†apparently heard Kia’s actually almost ready to make some moves, after speaking with a “Kia senior exec.” That exec would actually be Orth Hedrick, Kia America’s chief of product planning.

According to Hedrick, Kia’s actually more interested in the GT Concept for the sake of an appealing four-door coupe, which they think will be a greater volume seller while the GT4 Stinger implies a more exclusive, two-door sports car that would be more niche.

That said, Hedrick also said that a production GT4 Stinger may actually be less likely, but it’s not entirely ruled out since such a model would compete with the Toyota / Scion / Subaru triplets, plus some more.

As a differentiator from the Hyundai brand that Kia is partially owned by, Kia’s models are expected to come with V6 power only, but with all V6 engines lifted from Hyundai’s parts bins as usual.

Source: Drive

Chris Chin

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