Report: Jeremy Clarkson to finally get the boot from the BBC

It has not gone well for Jeremy Clarkson over the past month or so.

And to hammer the final nail into Clarkson’s long history and tenure as the host as the world’s most watched television show around the world, The Telegraph reports the BBC will actually be giving the host the boot.

Clarkson, who’s now 54, will be let go by the BBC since they’re holding the position that such behavior, as exhibited by Clarkson, cannot be tolerated–all over the presenter assaulting a producer because Clarkson was not met with a rounded meal at a North Yorkshire hotel, following a long day of filming.

Despite the change in host, the BBC plans to continue broadcasting Top Gear.

Who will take Clarkson’s place? The venerable Chris Evans, a long-time BBC host, who is a very well-professed car addict and was once a “Star in the Reasonably Priced Car.”

There weren’t any indications as to what co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May will do, but from what we last recall, they refused to continue filming Top Gear when Clarkson was on suspension.

Read more at The Telegraph, while we mourn the end of an era.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: The Telegraph

Chris Chin

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