Follow-Up: Jeremy Clarkson’s “fracas” was over apparent late meal, could quit even if issue is resolved

The automotive world was entirely shocked when the BBC officially announced to be suspending the airing of the remaining three episodes of Top Gear’s Season 22 after host Jeremy Clarkson got into a debacle with a “producer,” leading him to take a swing at said producer.

But as more and more develops regarding this story, it seems there’s a new nail being hammered into the coffin of Jezza’s career as a Top Gear host with every new update.

More reports are filing in, alleging Jeremy Clarkson’s fight was over a late meal after a long day of filming. This seems a bit ridiculous, but of course, these are still allegations rather than confirmations. Clarkson reportedly said to his friends that he didn’t actually punch producer Oisin Tymon, but admitted to some “handbags and pushing” over the issue.

Furthermore however, it seems Jeremy himself is even fed-up with the BBC and reportedly claimed to be interested in quitting his job even if the issue is resolved. As the hole continues to be dug, it seems the last remaining episodes of Top Gear Series 22 won’t be aired at all, after¬†RadioTimes originally said the airings were postponed until the BBC completed their investigation.

So far, fans of Top Gear began an online campaign known as “Bring Back Clarkson,” and even attributed the hashtag “#BringBackClarkson,” which is fitting for the BBC acronym for the media conglomerate. An online petition was also started on and upon the first day, it had 160,000 supporters. As of this writing, there are¬†almost 800,000.

And if there’s anything more we can say: #BringBackClarkson.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: RadioTimes via Mirror via BBC

Chris Chin

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