Report: A financial report claims BMW could phase out internal combustion engines in 10 years

Get this. A recent quarterly financial report believes Bavarian Motor Works of Munich will phase out the internal combustion engines over the next 10 years.

Now, this isn’t some joke and we’re not trolling either. The report was discovered by Jalopnik, where they found the following analysis from Baron Funds…

One more thing. While many car companies doubt electric cars will ultimately represent a large portion of new car sales, BMW is not one of those companies. Two of our research analysts recently visited BMW’s headquarters in Munich, as well as its electric vehicle and carbon fiber assembly plants in Leipzig, Germany, and its battery pack assembly plant and research facility in Dingolfing, Germany. The BMW financial team believes a revolution in drive train is underway. We believe that BMW will likely phase out internal combustion engines over the next 10 years!

We’re not automotive engineers, but a 10-year window to phase out the classic Otto-cycle four-stroke ICE is just a bit smaller than any of us would technically predict, even with the current popularity of EVs and hybrids (it’s still not that big compared to normal powered cars).

The internal combustion engine may not be going anywhere anytime soon, but it’s not going to be around forever since its design is inherently flawed on the basis of they’re not very efficient. But solutions may come up and it’s going to be a long transition period into whatever the future may hold (we’re still hoping for hydrogen).

Some analysts and reports point to solar power while others are betting on new hydrogen power. But 10 years just doesn’t seem like ample time for such change. We could be wrong however, since technology is evolving faster than ever anticipated by Moore’s Law of computing and transistor sizes in microprocessors, the same multiplicity of evolution could happen with EVs or alternative propulsion.

Source: Jalopnik

Chris Chin

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