Report: The Jaguar XK to return as a luxury grand tourer–a potential revival of the XJ Coupe

Remember the Jaguar XK? Yea, that two-door coupe and convertible Jaguar is otherwise very known for as a replacement of the flawed XJS, which first surfaced in 1996.

It basically survived two generations and was recently discontinued as Jaguar currently makes the F-Type as its current coupe replacement. But the F-Type won’t be the only two-door in Jag’s lineup asĀ AutoCar reports the XK is destined to return as a larger luxury grand tourer.

The last XK was already sort of a grand tourer but when spruced up properly, it was a borderline monster. But now, a larger cat is more suitable for the replacement XK since the F-Type already exists and

AutoCar spoke with Jaguar’s Ross Varney, and Varney further described the new potential XK as a Bentley Continental but less costly and more accessible.

It’ll be interesting to see how the new XK replacement ends up since a previous rumor suggested the XK is to be replaced by a new XJ Coupe, slightly similarly to how Mercedes-Benz replaced the CL with the S-Class Coupe.

Source: AutoCar

Chris Chin

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