Report: Toyota is to up the ante with next-gen safety systems in 2016 Lexus RX

The Lexus RX is due for a replacement soon given that it is the oldest model in the lineup after being launched in 2008.

And to make sure the next-generation RX is up to snuff with its competition, word is from CARandDRIVER that Toyota’s next-gen safety systems should debut on the new RX. Some of these systems include pedestrian detection with autonomous braking. The system will first be implemented throughout Toyota’s lineup as it’s called Toyota Safety Sense–expect Lexus version to have the obvious name change.

Compact models start off with the basics, like Pre-Collision System, a frontal radar that detects cars in front and can fully brake the car from up to 50 mph. All of Toyota’s and Lexus’ cars are to be equipped with Pre-Collision by 2017. The RX should also gain lane-departure warning and automatic high beams. The Pre-Collision System further separates itself by using a camera and LIDAR sensor (bad-news bears for those with radar detectors), replacing the current millimeter based system.

But interestingly, on higher end models, the PCS system uses the classic millimeter radar with a camera to detect pedestrians with autonomous braking up to 50 mph.

The Lexus Safety System + is an optional package for the 2016 RX across the line and will include all of the safety systems Toyota’s been working on over the best several years. There’s a new Driver Attention Monitor, featurinig a driver-facing infrared camera to detect of the driver’s eyes are off of the road. Pretty nifty.

For more, head to CARandDRIVER for the full report.

Source: CARandDRIVER

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