Video: Watch a 2015 Volvo XC90 get wrecked in a test for its new “Run-Off Road” safety gig

So here’s what’s happening: you’re on a two-lane interstate and something distracts your vision from the road in front of you. Low and behold, the road starts to turn and over the rumble strip you go and tragically off the pavement. Or say you pull a Clark W. Griswald and don’t notice the “Road Closed” signs before catapulting the Family Truckster 50 yards off of a ramp. No worries though if that Family Truckster is the 2015 Volvo XC90, given there aren’t any trees or rocks, because its rigid monocoque structure was built to keep you intact while dissipating the most energy.

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The car automatically also employs the brakes and the traction system in ways necessary to mitigate a hard collision and a possible roll-over situation. Think of the scenario, and Volvo’s XC90 is always one step ahead.

Not only do you get to see an XC90 get wrecked, which is just awesome because this is part of the slow and painful process of getting a vehicle federalized around the world for safety. They sacrifice their own lives for the greater good.

Volvo also demonstrates how alone, the XC90 works in a variety of ways to mitigate your impact and injury–one of them being knee-airbags and a break-away brake pedal, that snaps at the joint when too much pressure is applied in an impact, to avoid injuring your lower body.

Check it all out below, and grab some popcorn.



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