Report: Next Chevrolet SS to be based on Impala

The Chevrolet SS Sedan has a bit of a troubled life. Since it was just revealed for the US market, reinvigorating GM’s ability to make a rear-wheel drive sports sedan for North America, despite being an Australian-made GM sedan, the SS’s future is already in trouble as GM’s global operations plans to shut the doors on Holden, meaning the SS won’t have any spare barebones parts from Holden’s Commodore line to base its own self on.

That said,¬†Australia’s¬†Motoring said the next generation SS sedan could follow its roots back to origin by being based on the Impala, to reignite the classic combo of the Impala SS. This could also mean the Impala might go rear-wheel drive in general as the new SS was rumored to be based on the new Alpha platform, the same rear-wheel drive platform as the Cadillac CTS, the ATS, and the future CT6.

It wouldn’t make sense for Chevrolet to continue making the next Impala a front-wheel drive model if the rumors of the SS being based on the Impala hold to be true, because there would be no model consistency if the next SS was rear-wheel drive.

Source: Motoring

Chris Chin

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