Report: Mid-engined Corvette Zora ZR1 in the works

Little is known about this car, and given that the Z06 chucks out 650 bhp and costs just south of $80,000; anything turned up to 11 should cause quite a scene. The revisions to the chassis will not be updates to the C7, but major changes to be realized in the C8. For this highly tuned version, the price may start around $150,000 and production numbers will be limited to C6 ZR1 levels, somewhere around 1,500 copies.

As is tradition, the future car will use leaf springs and will go on a diet, likely a re-engineering of the existing aluminum frame and a preference to carbon fiber body panels over the tried-and-true fiberglass. According to Car and Driver, some of these weight saving and performance enhancing techniques have already been developed but the engineering required for mass production is still in process. Though we’re still in the nebulous phase of the next Corvette, one thing will remain unchanged: the use of a small-block V8.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Car and Driver

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