Report: BMW-Toyota collaboration to produce something by 2017, a new Supra and Z4

Rumors, oh we love rumors–because it makes us think about how likely or unlikely they are. Though this one isn’t exactly out of someone’s ass, but neither has it led to something truly concrete, except for a general direction.

This latest one involves the next supposed follow up to the BMW-Toyota sports car collaboration, which¬†Nikkei says will debut in 2017 in two forms: the new Supra and next generation BMW Z4. But of course, the details are light so we’re not so sure this one really adds to the mish-mosh of rumors already surrounding this project.

Previous rumors have already indicated that the two automakers–both of which confirmed and acknowledge their partnership–will be producing a front-engined rear-wheel drive sports car with a 50/50 weight distribution and a light curb weight, thanks to carbon fiber and aluminum components.

Engines are equally as up in the air ranging from a 2.0L four to a 3.0L twin-turbo straight six.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Nikkei

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