Report: Jaguar releases details on new family of engines, called Ingenium

Jaguar is really taking marketing seriously as Road&Track recently received the scoop on the Coventry-based automaker’s new family line of engines, which they colloquially call Ingenium. Now, that sounds like the sort of weapons-grade stuff that the latest and greatest Bond villain would use to threaten the world’s decimation with–in other words, it sounds pretty bad ass.

But in reality, the idea is that the new Ingenium engine family describes Jaguar’s latest line up modular engines, which share inherent designs to reduce manufacturing costs and incur greater flexibility with cylinder count. In other words, all four-, six-, and eight-cylinder engines will share similar architecture, despite being very different in size and cylinder count–unlike their current AJ V6 and AJ V8 motors, which date back to Jaguar’s era with Ford.

The new Ingenium engines will all share a 500cc per-cylinder displacement and an identical bore and stroke. The first motors will be a new range of 2.0L turbodiesel four-bangers with the first being internally named the AJ200D with an expected launch date sometime in 2016. The UK and Europe will probably be the first to receive the engines with North America following afterwards. As for the diesel mills, we could only home. But the demand for compression ignition passenger cars is still pretty low here.

Source: Road&Track

Chris Chin

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