Report: Audi developing suspension that generates power

According to the late Sir Isaac Newton, energy is neither created nor destroyed by his law of the conservation of energy. That said, energy is just converted into various forms and Audi is seriously taking this to heart.

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According to a new report from Britain’s AutoExpress, Audi is attempting to develop a suspension system that converts kinetic energy into electrical energy. Sounds clever, doesn’t it?

After speaking with Audi’s current R&D chief, Ulrich Hackenberg, word is that a small generator will be placed in the strut tower and as the suspension compresses and decompresses, the oscillating actions will generate electricity. This will help charge on-board batteries on Audi’s future e-tron models and could lower fuel consumption for hybrids. The setup will also be tailored more to Audi’s performance cars.

The technology isn’t expected to debut for several years. But either way, it coincides with Audi’s recent rumored plans to reveal an entire e-tron lineup in the near future.

Source: AutoExpress UK

Chris Chin

Chris Chin is the Editor-In-Chief of egmCarTech and is a regular contributor to Automobile Magazine.

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