Mazda confirms new SKYACTIV-D diesel four, to debut in the next gen Mazda2

Mazda Worldwide’s home base in Hiroshima, Japan recently confirmed the arrival of the brand’s latest 1.5L SKYACTIV-D clean diesel turbocharged inline-four, which will debut with the brand’s latest and greatest next-gen Demio, also known to us Americans as the Mazda2.

Featuring the Mazda 6’s i-ELOOP brake regeneration technology, the new SKYACTIV-D plans to deliver excellent fuel economy while producing around 100hp and 184 lb-ft of torque. Performance figures are not yet available, nor is there any indication of this engine’s path to America at some point, but it’s another SKYACTIV-D engine in the stable and there is a distinct possibility of it coming stateside.

We’re still on hold for the Mazda 6’s 2.2L SKYACTIV-D diesel-four, which has yet to be made available and was delayed earlier this year as the brand is still tweaking the motor.

Next Mazda2 will Feature New SKYACTIV-D 1.5 Small-Displacement Clean Diesel Engine

– Diesel-powered subcompact meeting Japan’s Post New Long-Term Regulations to be introduced in Japan –


HIROSHIMA, Japan—Mazda Motor Corporation has announced that the upcoming all-new Mazda2 (known as Demio in Japan) will feature the SKYACTIV-D 1.5, a newly developed 1.5-liter clean diesel engine making use of the company’s next-generation SKYACTIV technology. 

Similarly to the next generation SKYACTIV-D 2.2 clean diesel engine available in models such as the Mazda CX-5, the SKYACTIV-D 1.5 was developed in the pursuit of ideal combustion despite a very low compression ratio. As a result, the engine boasts outstanding dynamic performance, including torque equal to a 2.5-liter gasoline engine and linear acceleration all the way up the RPM range. It also features excellent environmental performance without resorting to expensive NOx aftertreatment systems.


Inheriting numerous innovative technologies from the SKYACTIV-D 2.2, additional advances were made to the SKYACTIV-D 1.5 to further enhance the engine and make it suitable for subcompact vehicles. Additional technologies include an expanded homogenous lean burn range, further reduction in mechanical resistance, and insulation technology to curb the increase in cooling loss associated with a smaller engine size.


The all-new Mazda2 featuring the SKYACTIV-D 1.5 clean diesel engine will be introduced to the Japanese market where it will meet Japan’s Post New Long-term Emissions Regulations*1as a diesel-powered compact car. Combined with Mazda’s i-stop idling stop technology, i-ELOOP brake energy regeneration system, and high-efficiency SKYACTIV-DRIVE automatic transmission or SKYACTIV-MT manual transmission, the SKYACTIV-D 1.5 will ensure the all-new Mazda2 achieve among the highest level test mode*2 fuel economy figures for a vehicle powered solely by combustion engine in registered vehicles excluding hybrid and micro-mini vehicles in Japan, as well as drastically improved practical fuel economy. It is another example of how Mazda is implementing its long-term vision for technology development, Sustainable Zoom-Zoom, which promises to deliver all Mazda customers both driving pleasure and outstanding environmental and safety performance.


SKYACTIV-D 1.5 clean diesel engine


Key features of the SKYACTIV-D 1.5

  • Development pursued ideal combustion efficiency despite the lowest compression ratio of any small displacement diesel engine—14.8:1*3.
  • Cooling loss is suppressed by combustion mode transition control technology, and high dispersion solenoid injectors*4 which, along with stepped egg-shaped pistons*4, help to reduce contact between the flame and chamber wall.
  • The range of homogeneous lean burn is extended through the adoption of high-pressure EGR and low pressure EGR systems*4, resulting in improved fuel economy, environmental performance and performance feel.
  • Engine cooling system features cooling water control valves (CCV)*4 and water jacket spacers*4 for improved combustion efficiency and reduced mechanical resistance.
  • Variable turbine geometry turbocharger with rotation sensor*4 delivers plentiful boost pressure from low through to high engine speeds.
  • Water-cooled intercooler integrated into the intake manifold*4 improves acceleration response and turbocharger efficiency.
  • Outstanding environmental performance to meet Japan’s Post New Long-term regulations and Euro6 emission standards without an expensive NOx aftertreatment system.*1


Key specifications of SKYACTIV-D 1.5 (Mazda in-house measurements)

In-line four-cylinder direct injection 1.5-liter diesel engine

Engine displacement:  1.497 Liters
Bore x Stroke: 76.0mm x 82.5 mm
Compression ratio: 14.8:1
Max. output (net): 77kW [105PS]*5/4,000rpm
Max. torque (net): 250Nm [25.5kgf-m]*5/1,500-2,500rpm


  • *1 Based on Mazda in-house measurements
  • *2 Under Japan’s JC08 test mode cycle
  • *3 Among 2-liter engines or smaller, as of June 1, 2014, Mazda data
  • *4 Technologies new with the SKYACTIV-D 1.5
  • *5 Figures in brackets are the figures in old units

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