First World Problem: Porsche owners sue over 911 GT3 recall

Likely deterred by the proclivity of the $130,400 supercar to set itself alight, a group of GT3 owners from the United Kingdom have banded together to sue Porsche for the reduced (slash nonexistent) levels of service offered by their Porsches as a result of an engine fire recall that required replacement of the entire engine. The proposed settlements are as follows: 175 Euros/day for each day in which an owner of a delivered car lost use of their car, 100 Euros/day for those whose cars were kept in a holding pattern at the factory, and 50 Euros/day for those who paid a deposit for their cars.

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There have been reports too that Porsche has paid out at least one person living in Dubai for related damages that they suffered: $12,000, allegedly. Though the number of UK owners affected by the recall is small (about 100) 1,000 deliveries were postponed as a result of the recall. Allegedly US owners are getting US owners affected are getting $2,000 per day and folks in Germany who are so afflicted are getting the 175 Euros per day that the UK group is asking for.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Worldcarfans

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