Report: Bentley may be amplifying the Continental GT V8

Seen lapping the Nurburgring, an appliance colored Bentley carries a wing and reasonably revised aerodynamics. Bentley already offers a Continental GT, GT V8 and GT V8 S, but that has not stopped them in the past from offering some sort of homologation special or simply raucous V8 powered coupe.

Being a Bentley, there is quite a bit of clever suspension at play making the driver not feel the car’s immense weight, but the conversation usually revolves around power. Bentley currently offer 521 horsepower in the GT V8 S, so it’s anyone’s guess what may rest under the hood of the white car. The W12 in the Continental does have 567 horsepower and could likely be turned up a bit, but the powertrain from the 4 liter twin turbo V8 in the Audi RS7 is available as well, showing 560 horsepower in Audi form. What makes this car something other than just another tuned car riding around the ring? The aerodynamics on the car seem like they are more than just a bolt on afterthought from a tuning house. Check out the photos over on Autoblog.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Autoblog via AutoNation

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