BREAKING: MINI developed a truck! It’s called the Mini Paceman Adventure

You’ll note that we said “a truck.” That’s because there’s only one. The project is a collaboration between seasoned instructors and apprentices at Mini, but we cannot help but applaud the effort. Under the hood is the standard turbocharged 184 horsepower unit found in the Cooper S.

The car naturally comes with Mini’s ALL4 AWD system, knobby tires, increased ground clearance, many lights, a solid roof rack which can carry a spare tire and a snorkel for fording puddles.  It’s all very cute and serious at the same time. We’d love to take a spin in it; this is possibly what Suzuki wanted to do with their X90, but was never able to do. It’s too bad that Mini won’t bother selling these because they would make a great farm toy or collector’s item. Check out the brief press release after the jump.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Munich. A creative collaboration between young apprentices and their instructors at the BMWs plant in Munich and Dingolfing has produced a completely unique vision for MINI. Choosing the MINI Cooper S Paceman as their base model, the students transformed the car into a two seater with a pickup style cargo area. The powerful turbocharged engine, all-wheel drive ALL4 , a modified suspension and numerous unique features available mean this versatile car is ready for just about anything. The name: MINI Paceman Adventure.

This latest creative vision for the MINI brand demonstrates the level of talent at work amongst the BMW Group’s young apprentices. The MINI Paceman Adventure combines the drive technology of the 135 kW/184 hp MINI Cooper S Paceman ALL4 with an innovative two-seater pick-up vehicle concept. The passenger compartment ends behind the front seats where the spacious cargo area for luggage, tools and equipment begins. In addition, a solid roof rack can accommodate a spare wheel.

The MINI Paceman Adventure would be suitable for driving on gravel roads, through muddy tracks or on desert trails.  The pickup has the typically MINI short overhangs, a modified chassis with extended ground clearance and much higher front and rear clearance ramps. The snorkel-like roof level air intake means that MINI Paceman Adventure could tackle a challenging river crossing.

Additional lights mounted on the front cross member of the roof rack optimize visibility at night, while special off-road tyres with wide and deep treads guarantee the perfect traction. The MINI Paceman Adventure features exclusive Jungle Green metallic paintwork.

The MINI Paceman Adventure is a true one-off and there are no plans for series production.

Sawyer Sutton

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