Subaru teases carbon fiber winged WRX ahead of NYIAS on #social

Back in the olden days, sheets were yanked off cars at auto shows, the models posed for the photographs and a day later the photographs were slotted into the newspaper, and boom, excitement of new automobiles abounded. Now all it takes is for Subaru to sneeze on Instagram and there’s a flurry of excitement and copious conjecture.

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The new WRX is a standalone sedan model and is flanked by its slightly more powerful sibling, the WRX STI, but asĀ Road and Track found out, the lower end ‘Rex is more fun 90% of the time thanks to its long, bountiful torque curve. We all hoped there would be something coming that turned the common man’s rally car up to 11 instead of 10.5. Though this could be a set of addons, perhaps clever suspension, a clever wing and other body kit-like addons, Subaru could genuinely be hinting at something greater.

Like the Mazda Miata/MX-5, there have been quite a few revisions over the years, but the rough layout and powertrain of the Subaru WRX STI has remained quite similar. Would Subie do something silly like cram a single high pressure turbo onto their boxer four like Mitsubishi Evo FQ400? Probably not, but given the photo, Subie could be showing us something that upstages the current top level Limited trim.

Stay tuned, for we’ll find out soon enough at the New York International Auto Show.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Sawyer Sutton

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