Report: Mazda recalls 42,000 Mazda6 sedans

A few years ago, Mazda put out one of the more unusual recalls that we’be head of. They apologetically informed customers that they had been allowing (unintentionally) small, 8-legged invertebrates to live inside the cars’ fuel system. These spiders were evidently attracted to the smell of gasoline and took up residence, thanks to the size of the orifice in the fuel tank vent line.

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Though this may sound like a minor issue, the spider webs have a propensity to block the line, which, according to Mazda, can cause excessive negative pressure to build up in the vent line. This will likely crack the vent line and may lead not only a gasoline odor, but also cracking and failure of the line, which may lead to a fire. Mazda say that there have not been any reported fires. In 2011, Mazda fitted a spring to the system to mitigate the spider infiltration, but it seems that they have failed after Mazda has reported at least 9 cars have had cracked lines as a result of spider web blockages. This is the sort of recall that I’m sure General Motors is lusting over right now.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Carscoops

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