Report: Refreshed Nissan Versa to daylight at 2014 NYIAS

Is this like announcing that there will be a refreshed Corolla for us all to ignore? Not exactly. The Versa is a bit newer than the last Corolla and is a much better car as Vanilla cars go. This is going to sound pretty weird, but if you have the chance to get in one, try out the rear seats, there’s actually space for adults to sit, and without feeling like they are in a cramped tin can of death.

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The refreshed version of this car will be showing its face at the New York International Auto show in mid-April, which we at egmCarTech will be covering. It will still likely come with the 109 bhp port injected four mated to either a 4 speed auto, 5 speed manual or a CVT; the latter dramatically ups the fuel economy to a near-hybrid 40 MPG highway figure.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: AutoNation

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