Report: Next BMW X1 will get 300 horsepower, and a 3 banger

BMW’s X1 rolls through the showroom more quickly than one may expect. With more sales than the 1 and 6 series and Z4 combined, the outsider may think that this compact ute is a glorified Mini Countryman riding around with BMW’s well-known N20 turbo four or their stonking N55 3 liter 300 horsepower turbo six. The truth is that this car is based off the current 1 series, which in turn is based off the previous generation E90 3 series.

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Power currently is mated to an 8-speed automatic, but that may change in the future. We know now that the power may change too. The output will stay the same at 300 horsepower for the upmarket version, but it will come from a turbocharged four cylinder engine in the future and there will be a three cylinder hybrid version too, likely sharing ICE bits from the three banger found BMW’s i3 advanced plug in hybrid. Though one can’t get it with a stick, there’s a tiny sliver of chance that it could be had with a RWD setup if BMW goes for it, given that the base version of the current X1 is RWD.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Worldcarfans

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