Report: BMW X4 claims a $6K premium over the car on which it is based

Though it is a bit more interesting to look at than the X3, one must wonder about the attractiveness of this car to potential buyers. The four door coupe tact worked quite well when Mercedes brought about the CLS, and Audi damn near perfected it with the A7, BMW’s X6 might not have outsold the X5, but it survived better than Acura’s ZDX. And that is exactly what the concern is with the X4. Priced in the same general direction as the Acura ZDX and the Lincoln MKC, one could argue that BMW’s application of this technique may end up being more attractive than the other two, and sales will likely break out of the triple digit range unlike those of the Acura and the Lincoln, but how much further will they go?

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BMW offers up the X3 with the 3 liter N55 six-cylinder at just under $45,000 (slightly under the price of the 2 liter X4 2.8i). The X3’s 2 liter N20 turbo four slots in just under 40 grand. For the moment, let’s just pretend that BMW is not offering the four wheel drive Gran Turismo and Gran Coupe for similar prices ¬†with the same engines. I’m sure there’s a great reason to get an X4, but it is not coming clear to me as of yet. ¬†Have some fun clicking through the leaked spec sheets below.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Autoblog

2015 BMW X 4 Specs-32015 BMW X 4 Specs-22015 BMW X 4 Specs-1

2015 BMW X 4 Specs-4

2015 BMW X 4 Specs-5

2015 BMW X 4 Specs-6

2015 BMW X 4 Specs-7

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