Report: BMW – Toyota developed sportscar will use F1 hybrid tech

Likely to serve as a successor to the last Toyota Supra and BMW Z4, the new sports car will feature technology that is bespoke to its class. Both BMW and Toyota have daylighted their performance boosting hybrid technologies in the BMW 2005 X3 Efficient Dynamics Concept and the Toyota Yaris Hybrid R, respectively, but new reports indicate that Toyota will be responsible for sharing some of their F1 KERS knowhow with the project.

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BMW’s plug-in hybrid/EVs, the i8 and the i3 offer two different takes on hybrid technology, the i3 is an EV with an optional range extender and the i8 is a plug-in hybrid that seamlessly transitions between gas and electric. Indications are that the new sports car will use supercapacitors and a specially developed onboard generator (powered by braking) for a performance boost. Think of it as an overboost feature on a Mini or the overboost feature on Sport Chrono optioned Porsches, the new KERS-like system, developed by Toyota will act as a temporary performance enhancer, rather than an across the board power increase. On the creature comforts and safety side of things, reports suggest that BMW will be sharing their carbon fiber and aluminum architecture found in their i series cars in this new sports car.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Autocar

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