Report: Audi will release 17 new models this year

Expected to invest over $30 billion in new products and technology and manufacturing campuses in Brazil and Mexico over the next five years, Audi generates the largest earnings of the Volkswagen Group brands and is set to continue offsetting the significant costs of VW’s bid to unseat Toyota as the world’s largest automaker. Though cars like the VW Up will ย sell in huge numbers, the significant profit centers for VW are Audi and Porsche. Even according to a recent report, Bentley does not make quite so much for

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So what cars do we think we know about thus far? The facelifted A7 and A6, A3, a new A8, the RS3, the TT and the S1 will likely show up, and it looks like Audi is trying to take a swipe at the BMW i8 hybrid by offering a made to order R8 etron fully electric supercar, though the dates for when that car might be available to consumers have not been released. The eTron will ride on the Lambo Huracan’s platform and is expected to offer a range of at least 279 miles, though depending upon when they choose to release it, further R&D may have pushed this number up ever so slightly.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Sources: Carscoops, Bloomberg

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