Report: RWD-only Mercedes C63 AMG will come as a sedan, convertible, wagon and coupe

According to the UK’s Autocar, the new 480 horsepower, shouty, sharp and angry super sedan known to most as a BMW M3/4 fighter will be available in a versatile range of packages, unlike the offerings from Munich. As announced at the North American International Auto Show by Tobias Moers, head of AMG, “There will be no four-
wheel drive on the C63…You should never say never, but for the foreseeable future, we will not offer it on the C63 AMG, either as standard or as an option.”

Of some interest is the new powerplant from AMG, which is expected to share the same bore of 90mm and cylinder wall thickness of 7mm from the 2.0 liter engines seen in the A45 AMG. Torque from the new model should eclipse the 443 ft-lbs of the previous car. The significant number of body styles for the new C63 AMG will push the envelope for AMG, as the subbrand celebrated a record 32,200 sales this past year.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Autocar

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