Report: New details on AMG variants of the Mercedes S-Class bound for Geneva

The new Mercedes S-Class Coupe will be offered as an AMG variant at this year’s Geneva Auto Show, not surprisingly, the engine and powertrain options will come straight from the new S-Class. This includes the current 7GTRONIC PLUS automatic and 4Matic all wheel drive. Interestingly, the S65 coupe will only be available with rear wheel drive while the S63 will be available with 4Matic.

For those who do not like swapping 7 cogs like some sort of peasant, fear not, a later version is planned with a 9-speed 9GTRONIC PLUS transmission. Lacking thus far in the lineup is a diesel engine. Stay tuned for our coverage of this year’s Geneva Auto Show.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Carscoops


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