Report: Infiniti planning performance sub brand

Though they have failed in the past, Infiniti is looking to capture the BMW M and Mercedes AMG market by offering tweaked versions of their existing lineup. Whether they will merely be more powerful versions of existing models, or partial mechanical redesigns remains to be seen, but in an interview with AutomotiveNews,  Johann de Nysschen, Global President, Infiniti, de Nysschen revealed the following: “What is absent from our product structure today is a line of really thoroughbred, high-end performance cars that take no prisoners… I don’t say that every single Infiniti car line should have such a model. But I do say that we need a high-performance subbrand.”

The Q50 Eau Rouge (red water, whatever that is meant to be an allegory for) concept offered at Detroit is a great first start; hopefully Infiniti can sink their teeth into developing something edgy and sharp that will truly compete with the likes of the BMW M3/4 and Mercedes C63.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: AutoNation

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