Report: BMW M2 on the way

According to an interview that AutoExpressUK had with a BMW insider, there will be a spicy and expensive 2er available to cap off the 2 series lineup. Pricing and power details are nonexistent at this point. The pricing should be pretty straightforward: more than an M235i, but that just makes it start somewhere above the $47K mark;  and seeing as the M4 is offered at $62K, this is basically going to be just another option package on top of the already quick M235i.

The current M3/4 makes 425 horsepower from it’s 3 liter twin turbo mill and the ‘235 makes 322 horsepower from its single turbo, 3 liter straight six, so maybe the new car will have 380 horsepower on tap? Maybe it will be lightened, or perhaps BMW has some sort of electronic jiggery pokery up their sleeves and the new one will be a hybrid. Only time will tell.

By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: AutoNation

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