Report: BMW and Toyota to develop next Z4, plug-in hybrid powertrain

Hold onto your spleen everyone, Toyota may be assisting BMW in developing the Bavarian marque’s next pocket rocket. “May” is the operative word as this is little more than a strand of a rumor right now. In a world where the BMW’s new, generic-looking 3er coupe outweighs the first and second generation 7 series sedans and Toyota is churning out concept cars like the FT-1, this could be a healthy partnership.

The only concrete tidbit to this rumor is that a source inside Toyota asserted that “BMW is not involved in the new Supra” in a conversation with Australia’s Motoring mag. Toyota will be allowed to market their own version of the new Z4 with their own powertrain; this is not a Subaru BRZ/FT-86 relationship, if that is what comes to mind; though it will be interesting to see this relationship flesh itself out. Further rumors/drivel/intelligence suggest that Toyota will be developing some sort of hybrid powertrain as part of the partnership, likely to include some sort of capacitor akin to existing hardware in their plugin hybrids and TS030 race car.

Stay tuned for furter ruminations, and maybe even some spy shots, if we are lucky.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: AutoTribute

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