Report: More developments with BMW and Toyota’s trajectory on sports car and other projects

BMW and Toyota have been known to be hard at work together, something that has enthusiasts and journalists very excited for the future. And ever since the two have confirmed their newly found partnership, rumors and speculation have been exploding up the wazoo. So far, there’s strong reason to suspect that a new midsized sports car is on the way, which could usher in a very highly sought after Toyota Supra successor.

But not even that, as BMW and Toyota executives have both expressed strong interest in collaborating on more than just a single midsized sports car project. In the latest development from CAR of the UK, word is that BMW and Toyota’s new alliance could spawn as much as a new Z4, 6-Series, and GT86.

BMW seeks to have the next Z4 built on a new flexible platform that could also underpin a larger high performance coupe, which could mean the next generation 6-Series. Toyota on the other hand would be given the possibility to produce their much-rumored midsized sports car on the same platform, which could also trigger a GT86 and a MR2 successor to built off of the same platform.

BMW and Toyota ultimately however are seeking to build a lightweight rear-wheel drive platform with front-mounted engine placement with the strongest possible bias to a frontal mid-engined placement. This could translate into a lump that’s closer to the center of gravity, which in turn, improves handling performance drastically.

As of now, tensions a reportedly rising from this alliance and BMW’s M has apparently expressed worry about the dilution of their sports car products since Toyota may be given the reigns. This has a strong chance at affecting BMW’s other rumored mid-engined supercar, said to be built to celebrate the Roundel’s first ever century in existence.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: CAR

Chris Chin

Chris Chin is the Editor-In-Chief of egmCarTech and is a regular contributor to Automobile Magazine.

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