Report: Honda working on compact RWD sports car, not quite an S2000 though

Word in the rumor mill is Honda could be in the works with a compact sports car that will be sending its power to the rear wheels. The Japanese automaker apparently realized demand for such a concept was still high after Toyota and Subaru seized the market with their GT86/BRZ combo.

That said, Honda sees this as an opportunity to take a stab at the market themselves. What could this mean? Well, the last time Honda produced a rear-wheel drive compact sports car was the much-loved and still highly sought after S2000 roadster. But ever since it was axed in 2009, many enthusiasts and lovers alike were left wondering if there was going to be a replacement.

Unfortunately however, an S2000-like successor isn’t exactly expected with this new rear-wheel drive sports car. Instead, the rumor indicates an even smaller sports car that could hover around the $20,000 price point.

Internally coded as the S1500, it will apparently utilize either a 1.3L or 1.5L four-banger good for 132hp. But to supplement for the lack of power, an extremely lightweight chassis is expected with an estimated curb weight of around 2,000lbs.

Though no timeframe was specified and it wasn’t clear if this new sports car could be seen in multiple markets. But put this rumor, the absence of an S2000 successor, and the success of Toyota/Subaru’s compact rear-wheel drive sports car together, and you have more than one reason for Honda to be working on something along the lines of a future S2000 in addition to this compact sports car.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: GTChannel

Chris Chin

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