Report: The current Audi Q7 to get an “emergency redesign,” next gen delayed

Just as we heard that the Audi Q7 was going to get a last-minute e-tron variant before the new generation arrives in just a couple of years, Audi is apparently delaying the next generation model to stretch the current one a little bit further.

But the Q7 will also get an “emergency redesign” in the process, which will probably equate to a mid-cycle overhaul. This will also allow Audi to buy some time while they work on the next generation. And the more time they have to research and develop, the more thorough their work could be.

The current design was apparently deemed “too brutal and ostentatious.” So the exterior will also be quite different as well. No time frame was given, but the last we heard about the next gen Q7’s launch date was sometime in 2015. A timeframe of the near future sounds reasonable for this “emergency redesigned” Q7’s launch.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: MotorTrend

Chris Chin

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