Report: Lamborghini to make few Veneno convertibles…?

Hey, remember the Lamborghini Veneno? Of course you do…I mean, who could forget an insanely radical uber-hypercar like the Lamborghini Veneno. Just look at it. And if you thought it couldn’t get any more ridiculous, word in the rumor mill is that Lamborghini is even working on a drop-top version.

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Now this is made possible because the Veneno is essentially an Aventador redressed as a RoboCop sentry wrapped in Christmas tree lights, so the starting point of the Aventador means the Aventador convertible can be used as well.

It’s a bit gaudy considering that the Veneno’s price tag is equally as ridiculous for what seems to be little handy work. But either way, a convertible version may be on its way, according to

Only three Lamborghini Veneno coupes were built, costing around $3.9 million each. So expect the convertible to demand a little bit more.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: via WCF

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