Video: BMW releases a video on the history of the first ever 7-Series flagship, the E23

Want to cue up some fun watchables for your lunch break again? BMW has just published a video on their YouTube channel, providing a brief history lesson of how the BMW 7-Series originally started.

The first ever 7-Series took form in 1977, codenamed the E23, and was actually a radical change for BMW as they moved their flagship sedan up into premium territory for the first time in its history. Yes, that means the proverbial segment that the Jaguar XJ and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class had long since dominated.

The original E23 BMW 7-Series is often regarded by enthusiasts as the ultimate “workhorse” 7-Series, meaning it is well known for its durability and ruggedness as this 7-Series was built during the height when attention to detail and craftsmanship were at their peak.

Though due to their relatively high maintenance costs and parts availability difficulty, combined with the low residual value, not many E23 7-Series are found to be in existence in clean condition, which means the original E23 7-Series lands itself into the realm of cult status. Not many people are familiar with them, nor are they by any means common. And the only ones you seem to find here in the states are either low-mileage collector items, high-mileage drivers or beaters…or they’re sadly rotting away in a bit of brush or in an open field.

Either way, the original BMW 7-Series is a legend and is one of those fine classic German examples that needs to be preserved in every way shape and form.

Check out BMW’s video after the jump.

– By: Chris Chin


Chris Chin

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