Report: First 1,000 units of next gen Ford Mustang to be special editions

The next generation Mustang is generating quite a bit of hype and rightfully so. The nameplate and famous muscle car celebrates its ripe young age of 50 next year. And with that comes the next-generation Mustang—a celebration that Ford is taking extra care to make sure it’s their biggest one yet.

As a result, a new update comes from that says the first 1,000 units of the next generation Mustang will be built as 2014.5 model year vehicles—a way to produce a limited edition version to help celebrate the Mustang’s first 50 year in existence.

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To ensure that the first 1,000 units are to be made as future collectors, Ford reportedly will be giving the models unique VIN and build numbers.

That said, considering these will be special edition models, you can expect a big boot of go-power, which means the use of Ford’s epic 5.0L V8.

– By: Chris Chin


Chris Chin

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