Video: Watch the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety look into the safety of semi trailors

Safety is something that has become absolutely paramount in the industry as manufacturers and legislators fight to make cars even safer. That said, it seems the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found a part of motoring safety that may have gone a little overlooked.

The IIHS decided to test the safety performance of rear metal under guards for large 18-wheeler semi-trucks. If you’re motoring about, you can pretty much look at any heavy duty box truck and larger and you’ll find a metal bar protruding downward at the way back. That there is to protect you, in the supposed event you’re texting and not paying attention, and you realize there’s a stationary 18-wheeler coming at you real fast.

Though the IIHS more importantly found that even modern day and newly manufactured trailers don’t exactly perform as they’re intended, shining some light on something that most others don’t even pay attention to. Still an eye opener for anyone.

But no matter how safe automobiles are, the safest thing is an alert and defensively smart driver behind the wheel.

Watch the IIHS’s find after the jump.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: IIHS’s YouTube


Chris Chin

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