Report: Mazda says they’re in no hurry with hybrid technology, will continue with SkyActiv tech

While many automobile manufacturers have been really focusing their efforts on alternative powertrains, specifically electric and hybrid systems, Mazda has been betting their money on the good ‘ol classic internal combustion. And in a recent report with AOL’s British sector, Mazda is in no hurry to investigate hybrid technology and is instead sticking to their latest SKYACTIV technologies.

“While downsizing can be an effective method for reducing emissions, adding an electric boost often merely offsets the loss in power from reduced displacement,” said a Mazda R&D spokesman told AOL Cars. “We want to make sure our engines are optimally designed, to make better effect of the benefits of combined battery power.”

Mazda will be squeezing the most out of their latest gasoline and diesel engines and will continue focusing on downsizing and decreasing weight. Additionally, there are no near-future plans to produce a hybrid model.

“We’ve created a full EV version of the Mazda2, which we showcased mainly to prove wrong those who said we couldn’t do it,” said Peter Allibon, sales director of Mazda UK said in an interview. “In fact creating an electric car isn’t that difficult, but in terms of customer appeal and uptake, we don’t foresee the time being right before 2020.”

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AOL Cars UK

Chris Chin

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