Photo Rendering: Could this be a potential new Lexus SC successor?

Remember the Lexus SC? Yea, the brand’s one and only flagship two-door luxury coupe that ended up being a bubbly hardtop convertible for the second generation? Well, there’s a distinct possibility that Lexus may be in the works to revitalized the once successful Lexus luxury coupe.

The first generation was quite a success as it was Lexus’s first attempt at producing a flagship luxury coupe. Since it ended production in 2000, it grew into being an instant cult classic as being the “luxury Toyota Supra,” thanks to the choice of either the Supra’s original non-turbocharged “2JZ” inline-six, or Lexus’s luscious 4.0L V8 lifted from the LS400.

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The second generation met more criticism than praise for its polarizing shape and lackluster driving characteristics. That said, most of us were unsure as to whether Lexus could carry on producing the SC430, or even the SC period. But this would be a rather foolish move since Lexus clearly has had their sights stuck on the best from Germany and America since, ever, with no sign of letting up. To not have a car compete in one of the luxury segments’ most successful markets would not allow them to compete to the fullest.

Resultantly, some photo renderings have appeared in a local Japanese magazine, which was found via Lexus enthusiast site, It appears to have taken heavily from both the LF-A and the LF-LC Hybrid Concept, and whoever completed the rendering did quite the job of making a very attractive Lexus coupe. Ok, maybe the schnoz could use some toning down, but still.

Speculation and rumors point that should a new SC take form, it could utilize a powerful hybrid powertrain that may come from a mish-mosh of tech from the GS450h and Lexus’s current standard 4.6L V8 for grand total of 500hp. An “SC F” coupe may also prove to be a possibility.

Either way, we won’t know for sure. But it still is something to ponder about and it would be nice to see Lexus produce a luxury sports coupe that’s more achievable than their end-all-be-all LF-A supercar.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: via AutoEvolution

Chris Chin

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