Report: TVR’s Les Edgar has two new models incoming, to be “supercars for the common man”

Following some interviews and reports confirming the return of TVR Automotive Ltd. after being reacquired by a British businessman with the name of Les Edgar, AutoCarUK apparently received some more scoop on TVR’s near-future plans.

As TVR Automotive stands right now, it is currently owned and being operated by three executive individuals who all have been described to have a strong financial backing from “a tight-knit group of car-minded investors.”

That said, plans for TVR to reestablish themselves as an automobile manufacturer will start with two new automobiles that are described “to be entirely in character” with TVRs of the past. But what has yet to be determined is whether these new TVRs will be axe-wielding murders waiting to take your life at the first improper handling maneuver—a characteristic exemplified by TVR’s past reputation for being tricky nanny-free handlers.

Edgar did say however that the plan is to make TVR’s new cars “as simple and free of electronic gizmos as possible,” which will most likely translate into the complete absence of stability and traction control and ABS.

“The project started with a few of us, all lovers of drivers’ cars, talking about building the modern expression of the traditional British sports car,” Edgar told AutoCarUK. “Most of us have business backgrounds. We knew we really needed a decent brand to make the thing fly, but the brand we really wanted wasn’t available.”

Either way, Edgar still kept his cards close as to what exactly TVR has in store. The only indications he shared were a comparison between their new models and “secondhand Aston Martins” as being the closest rival and the concept of TVRs being “supercars for the common man.”

For the full interview, head on over to AutoCarUK to check it out.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoCarUK

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