Report: Bugatti to end Veyron production with the most extreme model ever?

AutoCarUK reports that Bugatti may be in the works to produce the most extreme Veyron ever to officially send the model off into the pages of history. According to the report, the last super-Veyron will be launched in early 2014 and has been described to be “a fantasy in terms of its performance.”

“We are looking at several options. The reality is that we are not under time pressure because we are confident of selling out the full Veyron production run regardless,” “Only after that can we see if there is time and appetite for such a programme. It would be expensive and time-consuming, so we must be sure it is worth it.”

Rumors point to a horsepower figure that will be much greater than the Veyron Super Sport’s 1184hp, which is the fastest Veyron in existence—about 1500hp is expected. The extensive use of carbon fiber will also allow the new car to drop in weight by nearly 441lbs. Due to this weight saving, there is a possibility that an “electric boost system” may be fitted to make a McLaren P1-like hybrid.

Top speed is said to be limited by the current tire technology, which is what inhibits the current Super Sport from exceeding its top speed or 267.82 mph. And the price? Around £5 million is expected in the UK, which converts to about $7,713,000 USD.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoCarUK

Chris Chin

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