Report: Bentley considering four-door coupe based off of Continental GT in the long-term

AutoExpressUK reports that Bentley may be considering going the way of the Mercedes-Benz CLS and produce a luxury four-door coupe based on the Continental GT. Word reportedly comes after the outlet spoke to Bentley’s current CEO, Wolfgang Schreiber.

“I definitely wouldn’t say no to the idea,” Schreiber AutoExpressUK. “With the new Flying Spur, we have a model that supports the Mulsanne, and a coupe with four-doors could sit below that.”

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However, Schreiber emphasized that the four-door coupe wouldn’t be due until 2016 if it gets approved by everyone at home base. The reason being is that Bentley and their parent Volkswagen are focusing on a new Bentley SUV crossover.

“It’s [the four-door coupe] not any time soon, that’s for sure, but maybe in the longer term,” Schreiber elaborated. “At the moment our focus is very much on an SUV, because we know the market is there.”

Schreiber also said that the SUV is the focus as it is crucial to the brand’s expansion, which could possibly even make the four-door coupe idea even more enticing. Either way, only time will tell.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoExpressUK