Report: Jaguar’s Ian Callum nullifies the rumor of “two different body styles” for next-gen XJ flagship

After rumors and initial reports have circulated around suggesting that Jaguar was planning to produce two different body styles of its Jaguar XJ flagship sedan—with one being “classically” influenced from XJs of the past, made specifically for China, and the other being an evolution of the current and far more modern looking XJ for the rest of the world—AutoCarUK reports that Jaguar’s design boss, Ian Callum, has nullified such claims.

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“We’re still in discussion on what we’ll do with the next XJ, but the plan as it stands is one body style in two wheelbase,” Callum told AutoCarUK. “I can’t see us doing two body styles. The cost would be enormous and the message inconsistent. You have to believe in what you produce and to do two body styles would undermine that.”

The reason for the idea to produce two different body styles is due to the fact that reception of the new Jaguar XJ in China—the brand’s current and vitally important market target—has been a little lackluster as the Chinese have reportedly voiced their preference towards the older styled Jaguars. However, this is expected since the current generation XJ is the most radically designed Jaguar XJ ever produced, so varying feedback was inevitable.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoCarUK