Report: Next generation Jaguar XJ might get two body styles…?

Jaguar might be adding a little twist to things for the next generation XJ flagship sedan where the Coventry-based firm might produce two new body styles: one modern, and one old-school. Edmunds reportedly has the scoop on the new plan where the new “modern” XJ will maintain the current’s fastback style while the “old-school” goes…well, that’s self explanatory.

The reason for the two body styles? China. While most of the world has moved on from Jaguar’s classic and traditional, yet drop dead gorgeous styling, due to reception of it being “too old looking,” China happens to have a love for the classic shapes.

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And that’s not too much of a shocker as I too am Chinese and have a love for the classic Jaguars (I did own one…). Additionally, Jaguar is seeing Chinas as its future potential market—pretty much like everyone else.

No time frame yet, but Edmunds is fairly adamant that Jaguar will proceed with two different body styles for the XJ.

– By: Chris Chin