Report: The Toyota Matrix may not see the US market for the next generation due to low demand

AutoGuide reports that Toyota will be having its Matrix kick the bucket for the next generation as the brand seeks to overhaul its lineup to rework its image. An “internal source” reportedly leaked to the outlet that an official announcement regarding the Matrix’s fate will occur sometime in the coming five weeks.

The Matrix’s existence is in question for the future because it is based on the Corolla, which is due for a complete rework for the new generation. It will be heavily based on the handsome Corolla Furia Concept that debuted at this year’s Detroit Auto Show. However, due to reportedly low demand for the hatchback, Toyota is second guessing its future.

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Despite being a rumor, AutoGuide is adament that it will not be around for the next generation. On the flipside, word through the grapevine is that Canada may still get the Matrix hatchback. So if you are that desperate to get a Matrix, should it leave the US market, you could probably find a way to get one across the border. Though its departure probably won’t be lamented over. As for me? Well I don’t think…Oh, look! I still have half a breakfast sandwich left! BRB, gunna go nom…

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoGuide