Report: Next generation BMW X6 due in 2015 after the X4 arrives next year with “more aggressive” looks

BMW has been really aggressive with their barrage of models that seem to fill in niche markets that nobody ever knew existed. The BMW X6 is sort of one of them and because it’s about six years after the original debuted, the time on its current generation has just about run out.

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Word is the next generation BMW X6 will arrive next year after the recently introduced X4 midsized crossover. It will feature much “more aggressive detailing” and individuality, according to an insider. But in reality, there’s probably a high chance it will take heavy inspiration from the X4.

Much like the original X6, the new X6 will be based on the next generation X5 and will don the usual mix of straight-six gas and diesel engines, along with a V8 gas engine, and a plug-in electric hybrid powertrain.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoCarUK