Report: Jaguar considering uber-performance F-Type to follow the way of the XKR-S GT

AutoCarUK reports that Jaguar is planning an uber-performance F-Type, which is to be tuned by their in house engineers that have brought us other potent cats like the XKR-S GT. The model would be the range topper and could be powered by a V8. Collectively, the efforts of the “GT” performance line are Jaguar’s greater attempts at competing against similarly subdivided higher-performance lineups from Germany.

That V8 would be the brand’s standard third-generation AJV8 displacing 5.0L and donning supercharger. Word is output could go behind the current 542hp rating currentliy found in cars like the aforementioned XKR-S GT and the newly reintroduced XJR.

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Though the report also says that Jaguar’s CEO Adrian Hallmark hasn’t confirmed the project, but he did tip that “more limited-series vehicles in the spirit of the XKR-S GT” are “likely to happen.” This is to establish halo cars for Jaguar for which they could use as bargaining power against some of the other stiff competition. Additionally, the extra pricing on the halo cars would allow Jaguar to expand their product range even more.

“Clearly, building a run of 30 to 50 exclusive GTs isn’t going to have any impact on the fortunes of the company in sales terms, but the importance of these projects lies in the knowledge they give us,” Hallmark told AutoCarUK. “Jaguar is already well known for its ability to create sporty, dynamic cars, but the XKR-S GT project has shown us that we can learn more by pushing the envelope. Lessons learned from the dynamics, aero and braking work on that car will enter the mainstream.”

The super F-Type could see the light of day sometime in 2016, but the rumor is that a one-off concept could be built by this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. There, the brand has long been a staple of the infamous event for featuring debuts of future models. Hallmark reportedly told AutoCarUK that “something special” will happen this year. Additionally, the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Porsche 911—a direct competitor to the Jaguar F-Type—would help hype it up.

“We judge each project on its merits, but we hope the XK GT is just the start. We would definitely look at the business case for an F-type GT. The ETO division is about extending customer choice by offering a bespoke package. That might mean developing low-run option packs or doing one-offs,” Pete Simkin told AutoCarUK, Jaguar-Land Rover’s engineering director for development. “Many customers are demanding more in terms of individuality and exclusivity, and we are well placed to deliver that. Our performance heritage is well known, and we have designers within the division who are there to work on customer-led projects. Our role is to consider anything that stays within the values of the brands we represent.”

In lieu of the emergence of the Jaguar “GT” lineup, lesser, but still harder and more performance oriented versions of the Jaguar F-Type will find their way into the mix.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoCarUK