Report: Maserati to spawn their own exclusive supercar off the LaFerrari, but w/o the hybrid system

In a similar move to what Ferrari’s cousin Maserati did when the Ferrari Enzo wowed the world at its debut, which was spawn their own supercar off of the Enzo called the Maserati MC12, the brand is reportedly planning to introduce their own supercar based on the epic new Ferrari LaFerrari, according to CAR Magazine of the UK.

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But interestingly enough, CAR reports that Maserati’s version—which we’ll call the LaMaserati for the sake of this report until the official word—will forgo including the LaFerrari’s patented F1 HY-KERS hybrid system. However, chassis, suspension, and electrical systems may be borrowed from the LaFerrari.

What could sit under the mid-mounted hood? CAR postulates that there are two options. Maserati can either use the LaFerrari’s 6.3L V12 detuned from 789hp and 516 lb-ft of torque in order for it to be recalibrated for more torque. Or, Maserati can go the way of forced induction, opting for a quad-turbocharged V8 based off of the new Maserati Quattroporte’s twin-turbo V8.

The new Quattroporte’s V8 is good for 523hp and 523 lb-ft of torque. Though CAR believes that should Maserati add a quad-turbo system, power ratings could go well behind 900hp.

The future “LaMaserati” to be will only be in a coupe form to maintain the stiffness of the car’s structure. There will ideally also be less weight thanks to the absence of Ferrari’s HY-KERS hybrid system.

The price? CAR predicts the “LaMaserati” to demand more than one million Euros plus taxes and with that, you will supposedly get more exclusivity when compared to the LaFerrari. The “LaMaserati” will be produced in lesser numbers, which was the same story for the MC12 versus the original Ferrari Enzo.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: CARMagazineUK