Report: Volvo may import V60 as dealers struggle with volume

AutomotiveNews reports that Volvo may be considering the idea of importing their mid-sized V60 estate to our shores as dealers throughout the US have been struggling to sell cars.

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Volvo originally did not decide to sell the V60 here after it replaced the V50 due to declining interest in wagons in the US. Now, Volvo only has four models available in this country, which puts them at a disadvantage considering the amount of models many of the larger brands offer.

AN additionally reported that Volvo dealers are also expressing some concern as they’ve had the most of weight on their shoulders from these volume issues, while showing confidence in the recent facelift that plagued nearly all of Volvo’s lineup.

Volvo of America’s CEO, John Manley, said that dealers will have to meet their targets. Additionally, Volvo, who is also owned by Chinese company Zhejiang Geely, is currently in the process of reworking their marketing strategies to help improve retailer profitability.

“We are trying to have a platform for the growth of this brand going forward, and we are trying to improve retailer profitability,” Maloney told AN.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutomotiveNews